Volume II (1960-1980)

The second volume covered the next score of years at the UT NROTC Unit. Again, input was solicited from numerous alumni, including the author this time. The Vietnam and Cold wars were predominant during this timeframe. This period was highlighted by the space race, the arrival of the NESEP program, the advent of the Longhorn Log, the Cuban missile crisis, UT Football, the end of segregation at UT, Navy Sweethearts, the tower sniper, the first Unit staff officer to make flag, the first UT Midshipman to make flag, an alumnus landing on the moon, the first female Midshipmen, two more homes for the Crow’s Nest, arrival of the MECEP program, the Intramural team of the decade and the five year hiatus of the Longhorn Log.

The Cactus yearbook was the one constant source of information about the Unit. During this time the Longhorn Log provided more detailed help from 1963 to 1975 and, starting in 1966, the Command History Report provided invaluable input. Around 1976 the Spun Yarn Unit newsletter became The Naval Orange and a few of those survived to be used as sources. But the most interesting input was naturally from our alumni. By the time of this second installment nearly 100 alumni were corresponding with the author to fill in the gaps and add anecdotal input. This volume was completed in time for the November 12, 2016 alumni reunion, another UT Veterans Day celebration.

Click here to download. Released Nov. 9, 2016.

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