Notables, Peace & War

This is a collection of newspaper articles and short stories that the author wrote and amassed over a period of more than eighty years. They were based on experiences he had as a child, in the military service, during his college days and working years, just listening to his own family tell stories, and while researching for periodicals and various family genealogies. He has shared these histories and experiences with several periodicals over his adult years with little monetary remuneration, because he just wanted to. The reading public seemed to enjoy them or at least they told him and his publishers so. He enjoys writing and perhaps it flatterers his altruistic side to share these short stories with others and see them in print. You have asked for them to be printed in book form, but there were far too many to put in one book, so this is a start. Here are some of the titles you’ll encounter in this collection:

Robert E. Lee Stayed in Boerne, Texas

Let's Talk About the Birds and Trees in Texas

Setting the Record Straight About the Comal Springs in New Braunfels

Who Were the Landas?

The Story of the Miner's Canary

Atlantis Has Never Been Lost!

Recollections of the Katy Prairie and Katy, Texas

What a Difference a School Makes

Texas Schools in the 1930s

A Texas Christmas in 1931

Vote, Vote, O' How Many Times Should I Vote?

Who Answered the Door?

How Thomas Dewey Might Have Lost the Election

A Staff Writer for the First Handbook of Texas

What if Your Ancestors Had Ignored History & the Printed Word?

When Firemen were Boys

The Tale of Two Little Red Fire Trucks

A Small Town Texas Movie House

The Great Depression in Texas — 1930s

Prohibition in Texas

I Really Miss the Old Days

Collecting & Trapping Things for Gas Money

A Sailor's Brush with History in World War II

From the Atlantic to the Pacific in WWII

I'll Be Home for Christmas 1945

How I Was Recalled For the Korean War

The Military Recruiter is Your Friend

How the Nickel Coin Got Its Name

Bank Notes Issued By the Republic of Texas

Grand Prize Beer & Howard R. Hughes

Sonja Henie, the First March of Dimes, & a Visit to Houston, Texas

Do You Remember Joe Louis the Boxer?

I Sang On the Lucky Strike Hit Parade with Frank Sinatra

Mickey Rooney Gave My Children a Private Performance

George Bush the Bartender

Does Anyone Remember Cugie?

Buddy and Scrammy

Sinbad, Chief Dog of the United States Coast Guard

Why Grandpa Didn't Like Dogs

A Famous Silent Screen Actor

Kitty, What Are You Up To?

Willy's Great Adventure in the Wild West

Clate Comes to Texas

My Cousin Was a Comanche Indian

Pirates and Buccaneers in Early Texas

Santa Fe, N. M. Ranches & Racehorses

Some are for fun. Some are stranger than fiction but, nevertheless, reflect actual facts and events. He hopes you enjoy them.

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