Lee: His Last Days in Texas

There's a small masonry building on South Main Street in Boerne, Texas that bears a sign stating "Robert E. Lee stayed here". On a request by the local newspaper Ed Mergele researched and wrote an article about Lee's visit. He discovered that not one of the dozens of Lee biographies referenced for the article mentioned Lee's ever having been in Boerne. However Mergele did find evidence of Lee's having traveled up and down the military road that passed through the town. He later found letters, contemporary accounts, and information in the Boerne Historical Society's files of Lee's having stayed in Boerne with friends of his, the O'Gradys.

The author has continued to collect and research this interesting aspect of Lee's life over the years, and now has written this historically-based story of Lee's last few days in Texas. He chose these last two weeks because, though largely ignored by his biographers and other writers, they held particular importance to Lee. Mysterious events were unfolding in Lee's life that he did not understand and over which he had no control.

Lee: His Last Days in Texas tells the story of Robert E. Lee making his way out of Texas just before the Civil War breaks out in the East and how it almost started earlier in Texas.

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