Appendix (1940-2020)

It became quite obvious upon embarking on a narrative of the Unit’s history that too many statistics, lists and charts would interfere with the flow of the story. So it was decided to compile an appendix with much of the detail about dates, names, listings, events and such. It served as an aid in writing the narrative without being too concerned about including all the nitty gritty details. They are there if the reader chooses to explore further. The first volume was released with the appendix as part of the work. The first volume also included an expanded Table of Contents to give the reader some sense of the content of future volumes. When the second volume was released it was accompanied by a separate and updated Appendix. With each subsequent release, the Appendix will be updated to reflect new material.

There are areas of the Appendix that need alumni input. Such areas as the Legacy section, the Command at Sea section and the Command Ashore section need direct alumni input. Just email the author with your information.

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